WT440H Thermo-transmitter

The perfect solution for monitoring temperature and humidity. This advanced device displays accurate readings and wirelessly transmits data to a compatible weather station using RF technology.

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  • Weatherproof Design: Built to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Temperature Options: Display readings in °C or °F.
  • Humidity Display: Provides humidity level information in %.
  • Wireless Data Transmission: Sends temperature and humidity data wirelessly to compatible weather stations using RF technology.
  • Long Transmission Range: Transmit data through walls and obstacles with a range of up to 40 meters (130 feet).
  • Versatile Mounting: Includes a detachable holder for both wall mounting and desktop placement.
  • Transmission Indicator: LED indicator shows when data transmission is active.
  • Low Battery Alert: Notifies when battery replacement is needed.

What’s included:

Mounting bracket: 1
Wall nuts & Screws:2
User manual:1

Weight and Dimensions

Overall package dimension:(H)280mm x (W)215mm x (D)65mm
Overall package weight:140 Grams
Unit dimension:(H)122mm x (W)43mm x (D)22mm
Unit weight:80 Grams

Designed to provide convenience and versatility, the Thermo-Station Transmitter is compatible with a range of receivers including WS44X, WS290, WS315, WS318, WS320, WS330, WS590, WS633, WS638, WS680, WS738, WS868, WS868B, WS928, WS968A, WS1228, WS1233, WS2068, WS2370, and WS3834. If you have a different model not listed, please consult us for compatibility.